• F1 - pulls up documentation
  • project files should be in an src directory within the main project directory
  • option-enter - shows replacement options
  • cmd-delete - delete line
  • shift-tab - removes extra tabs in front of code
  • option-cmd-L - auto format
  • shift-F6 - to rename something in every location it's used within scope
  • cmd-shift-a - search
  • cmd-/ - comment out highlighted code
  • ctrl-shift-r - runs new program in IDE
  • ctrl-r - runs last program that was run in IDE
  • cmd-d - compares two files
  • ctrl -cmd-g - selects all matching names with multiple cursors so they can all be edited at once

Setting up new project in IntelliJ

  • make sure file structure is right...must be src folder, etc.
  • cmd-; - brings up the 'Project Structure' dialogue
  • under 'Project' assign an SDK and set the project compiler output
  • under 'Modules' under 'sources' tab mark the src as a Sources folder


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