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UX vs UI vs Product Designers?

  • if you're independent or working at a small place, you're pretty much all of these at the same time
  • these terms are often used really loosely


  • person responsible for making things
    • visual themes, fonts, colors, consistent icons, etc. --- things you see on the page
  • don't really have the testing phase
  • more like traditional design --- get it done and get it out there


  • all the things from UI, plus you're looking at the brief and the users and building for that specifically and testing it
  • user is the focus
  • stay within guidelines given for budget or by the production designer, etc.

Product Designer

  • generally more responsibility
  • on a team, more managerial => only at larger companies
  • work with clients, engineers, UI designers, UX designers etc.
  • has a global sense of the project from all the different teams and making sure it all works together --- timeline, budget, clients happy, etc

UX Brief and persona

  • have to make sure get the brief right --- often clients haven't done much UX and don't know exactly what they need
  • brief sections:
    • Header
    • Project Name
    • Project Description
    • Who is this for?
      • build out a persona for the users
    • Feature List (Product Requirements)
      • the unique stuff, not things like 'About' section, 'Homepage', etc.
    • Competitors & Product Inspiration
    • Deliverables
      • wireframes - basic mockup for client approval
      • high fidelity - has all the colors, fonts, images, etc. ---looks just like the final project
      • user testing
      • usability report --- make any necessary changes based on this info
      • UI assets for developers --- images, code, icons, symbols, etc for them to build the site/app
      • Not Included --- just so it's clear for the clients what isn't included
    • Cost
      • set price for what's covered in the deliverables, and an hourly rate for anything additional they request
    • Timeline/Deadline
      • update as you go and things get pushed back so the client knows what the current timeline is through all stages
  • user personas --- made after some research
    • give a name, age, job, and location
    • description
      • details of user's life
      • things about them that are relevant to the project and/or type of person they are
      • what the user wants/needs from the product

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