Type, Color, and Icon Introduction

Type in wireframes

  • Point Text Box (one click) - goes on forever - for Headings and such
    • when selected, can change size or rotate the text with the white dot at the bottom
  • Area Text Box (click and drag) - has set width - for body, paragraphs, etc
  • edit text in boxes with text options on the right toolbar

Basic colors and buttons

  • don't do a lot with color in wireframes --- keep a very basic pallet
  • use + in color picker to save your pallet colors


  • always want SVG (scalable vector graphic)
  • places to find icons:
    • adobe stock
      • just search for what you want, can't limit to only icons
    • material.io
      • click resources -> icons
      • also just a generally good resource for UI design --- has articles, etc.
    • iconfinder.com
    • font awesome

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