Wireframing (low fidelity)

  • really basic layout
  • one font, one color, etc.
  • where you work out the user flow
    • how you get someplace
    • the steps
    • how easy it is
  • most important step
  • not usually used for testing, generally just for clients
  • may sketch out on paper first, just basic outlines to flesh out ideas before start in XD

How wide for my website?

  • based on the product, decide if it is web-first or mobile-first
    • decide based on where most users will use it the most
  • for web choose 1920 (this is the width)
    • content will often be within internal boundaries
    • can't make responsive within XD
      • design for the breakpoints, but it won't work til it actually gets coded
  • if there isn't an existing website, go here determine where your boundaries should be
    • look at the percents where it will look best and consider your user persona to choose the most appropriate size
  • if the client has an existing website, you can ask for their google analytics
    • click audience -> technology -> browser -> find screen resolution
    • can also go to mobile -> overview and see which devices the users are accessing the product from most often
      • can use this info to advise clients if they are pushing the less used type (desktop vs mobile) be developed first

Working with existing UI kits in XD

  • a UI kit is a template
  • they make things go fast at the wireframe stage
  • if missing fonts from templates try:
    • google fonts
    • adobe fonts
    • or just google search them and try to find a download

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