NOTE: there are some examples with notes in the-web-developer-bootcamp repo --- it was a code along style class, so it has many examples and I added clarification notes where I felt I needed them

NOTE: more examples in build-responsive-real-world-websites-with-html5-css3 repo

  • Hyper Text Markup Language
  • HTML documents are described by HTML tags
    • syntax: <tagname>content</tagname>

Structure of HTML Document

  • index.html is the standard name of the main html file of any project
  • ```html Title ```
  • attributes define additional characteristics or properties of the element
    • they are always defined in the starting/opening tag
    • usually consists of name/value pairs (e.g. name:"value")
      • attribute values are always enclosed in quotation marks
    • some tags have required attributes (e.g. and <img> tag needs src and alt attributes)
  • <div></div> is one of the most used tags --- stands for divide --- used to separate our content into different sections

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