'Jamstack 101 and Beyond with Netlify' (Jamstack Conference Workshop Oct. 2020)

workshop video

What is the Jamstack?

  • the Jamstack is not, in fact, a tech stack --- it is an architecture for building modern websites
    • can build a Jamstack site with different tools, doesn't need to be specific programming language, database, etc
    • it is a way of arranging the code in apps so that they follow an overarching guideline/philosophy for application development

What makes an app 'Jamstack'?

  • cacheable, static assets are pre-rendered (i.e. build-time rendering) whenever possible
  • building assets on the fly (i.e. request-time rendering) is avoided whenever possible
  • assets are hosted on a content delivery network (CDN)
    • "A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content." from here --- there is much more info on the page
    • CDNs are the most highly tested scalable pieces of software we have globally right now --- if they go down like the whole internet goes down (AWS, Google Cloud, etc.)
  • dynamic interaction is handled through asynchronous JavaScript

Isn't this server-side rendering?

  • server-side rendering --- taking a framework like angular, react, or vue and doing work on the server-side so that what you are sending to the browser isn't the react code, but the rendered html that the react code would generate
  • SSR can mean 2 different things:
    1. request-time rendering (probably the most common understanding of SSR)
      • example: put react on a node server and whenever somebody requests a page you would generate the react on the node server and then send the result at request time
      • can let you include user data, customize the page --- powerful --- but also must redo the work every time someone requests the page --- get DDOS attacks Request Time Rendering Diagram Request Time Rendering Server Failure Diagram Request Time Rendering Database Failure Diagram
    2. build-time rendering
      • don't load at every request --- do the work once --- build files/render and put that on the CDN
      • can help reliability and scalability Build Time Rendering Diagram Build Time Rendering Server Failure Diagram

Netlify Drag & Drop

  • drag and drop a folder with a site's html, css, and js files --- they will be rendered live
    • this is an ideal jamstack site --- just a file with code --- no build step required
  • if need to update site, just fo to the 'deploys' tab and drag & drop the folder again
  • if want to go back to a previous version, click on the deploy you want to use and click 'Publish deploy'
  • each deploy is a separate folder (on the Netlify site, not necessarily on your computer), so can go and look at anything in the past

Netlify CLI

  • npm install netlify-cli -g
  • then you can run commands with netlify or ntl

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